Whale tofu by the sea

Unfortunately, this is becoming an all-too-common trend at Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica. Another whale got beached. Except this time they believe it was hit by a ship.

Again, researchers came and gutted the whale, leaving a pretty horrible sight behind. The first time, the fat of the Sperm Whale kind of looked like bacon. This time, it reminded us of tofu. The smell of this Humpback Whale was way worse this time around.

They are planning on burying the two carcasses tomorrow. This was my chance to take some pictures. Too bad it was all butchered.

4 thoughts on “Whale tofu by the sea

  1. By liking this, I am letting you know that I’m glad you are making others aware of what is happening, but definitely not liking what’s happening to these creatures.

    1. It’s great for science because researchers get to learn about the different causes of death as well as whether humans may have a part of responsibility. But I agree that it’s not at all the kind of photos I want to shoot too often…

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