San Francisco est Charlie

For those who don’t understand French, the title means “San Francisco is Charlie” from the now-famous phrase “JE SUIS CHARLIE.”

French people and many others gathered in front of San Francisco City Hall to render homage to the victims of the two attacks that took place in Paris on January 7 and 9.

The Consulat Général de France à San Francisco asked people to gather in front of City Hall on January 11. People came together to observe a minute of silence and defend democracy, freedom of speech and show their support. According to SF Gate, approximately 2,000 people showed up to the event.

As everybody knows by now, two people were able to get into the Charlie Hebdo newsroom in Paris and kill the journalists/cartoonists who were there for the weekly meeting. The attack was perpetrated by two islamist brothers in the name of their religion.

Two days later, another man held people hostage in a kosher market also in Paris. Authorities believe that the two attacks are linked and are treating them as such. All three terrorists are now dead, as well as 17 innocent victims.

8 thoughts on “San Francisco est Charlie

  1. Jolies photos, montrant bien les petits détails choisis dans une foule de personnes. Refletent bien l’esprit des ces manifestations je trouve.

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