URBEX: Cokerie d’Anderlues

Today, I’m taking you to a coke plant. You know… where they used to make the real stuff…

Coke is the solid product resulting from the destructivedistillation of coal in an oven or closed chamberor by imperfect combustion, consisting principallyof carbon: used chiefly as a fuel in metallurgy toreduce metallic oxides to metals.

The coking plant you are about to visit has been destroyed over time by other less conscientious explorers, but you can still see the main buildings. Some of the buildings were also taken down in 2006, and the municipality is currently working on the soil in some parts.

The factory spreads over two main parts. The first one is harder to get into and I didn’t feel like making the extra effort. The second one is the one you’ll be able to visit.

It first opened in 1903 and closed for good in 2002, although I saw a book of records for the ovens only going back to 1986.

13 thoughts on “URBEX: Cokerie d’Anderlues

  1. Nice Shoot… My gallery ‘ll come tomorrow.
    That was a great pleasure to do that exploration with you…

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