Hikes pay off….literally!

You know when you mean to go on a short 3-mile walk and you end up getting semi lost and walk 7 or 8 miles? Yeah… that!

I’m sure it’s happened to all of you, but I really wasn’t prepared for it. In the end, my feet really hurt because I wasn’t wearing good enough shoes. Anyway, enough with the complaints and on to the cool stuff.

So, we went to the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center and proceeded on our hike, thinking we’d be able to loop back around and come back to the center. Nope! It never loops back around so we had to get out of the march on the other side and ended up in the industrial area. 

As we were walking in the industrial part of Hayward, I spotted a radio. I turned it on and all I could here was stuff air control tower talking about flights departing for Los Angeles. I tuned it off because I didn’t think I should know about anything concerning flights…. You know. Anyway, we kept walking and ended up finding a pilot’s records book. Weird! A little while later, we found a book on how to operate an airplane. I now had all the stuff I need to fly my own airplane!

But I kept wondering why all these things were lying around on the ground. When I went back to the Interpretive Center, I asked the park people if they knew anything about what I’d found and they said they had never seen such thing.

I need finding a phone number in the pilot’s book and I called. The guy on the phone was an older man who had hd his car stolen in the area while flying at the local airport. The thieves obviously didn’t think the pilot stuff would come handy to them so they threw everything out the window on their way. The pilot, who was thrilled to recover some of his stuff, gave me and my friend $20 each!


2 thoughts on “Hikes pay off….literally!

  1. Enjoyed the photos – the bird ?heron seems to have airs and graces or is it enacting its own ballet. How thoughtful of you to collect the pilot info. I know about walking – I used to say to my husband – look it’s not far on the map and his retort was – but how far on the ground!

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