Monument Valley: a museum of sorts

I can’t decide whether the elephant-like butte is more majestic or the phallic formation…

This post is long overdue. I went to Monument Valley with my parents while on a trip around the Southwest right after I graduated from college. That was four years ago. Better late than never, right?

I think the name “Monument Valley” is very appropriate. Not that this at all related, but many of the formations resemble things or creatures -a bit like sculptures in the middle of the desert.  Anyway, if you get a chance to visit the region, you’ll see it for yourself. It’s just like in the books. Maybe bigger… And the people are so nice.

Navajo people are amazingly kind. One downfall though: alcohol is not allowed on their grounds, which encourages some of them to drink and drive on their way back to the reservation. Pay attention to the sides of the roads when approaching any reservation, and you’ll spot countless empty containers.

10 thoughts on “Monument Valley: a museum of sorts

  1. Yep, alcohol consumption is a problem and we have way too many accidental deaths in New Mexico, proving that to be true. Monument Valley, Zion and many other places out that way are very cool! The deserts of Nevada and western California are awesome, as well. Death Valley wins, hands down, I think.

  2. True enough, no red rocks, not a one I recall anyway. 🙂 Different, for sure! I love the desert and its harsh nature, no matter where.

  3. this is so cool, and sparks my dreaming – visiting both Monument Valley and Death Valley this summer. 🙂

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