This is my third and last series of photos on the area by the Pacific Shores Center in Redwood City. Lots of reflections in the water in this post.

It was truly a nice surprise to come upon this salt treatment plant. Salt gives a very unique reddish color to the water, which made for a couple interesting shots. The only thing is that I should have gone there later during the day as to be able to avoid the blinding sun.

Apparently there is a whole controversy about who is in charge of the plant. Is it Cargill? Or is it Redwood City Saltworks? Both? I read a little on it but couldn’t quite figure out the issue. Feel free to visit the websites and learn about salt production in the area.



2 thoughts on “Saltworks…

    • 😉 Glad I mad you laugh… but it’s true. I actually don’t know anything about this, and the little info I found about it doesn’t make much sense… 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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