Hearst Castle: when does it become too much?

The castles of California are certainly not anything like the ones in Europe, but you can always trust the Americans to come up with bigger and better (?) than the Europeans…

Just take a quick look at Las Vegas and you’ll understand the obsession with replicating the world’s most prestigious monuments. Then, take a trip to the Napa Valley and stop by the Castello di Amorosa near Calistoga, and you’ll come upon what looks like a medieval castle.

Now, you want to experience the over-the-top American castle? This way! I’m taking you to Hearst Castle in San Simeon along Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The castle is very American because it’s taken to an unbelievable extreme, but it’s mostly European as the furniture, ornaments and decorations are all from foreign countries. Wanna know the history behind this majestic place and its owner? Right here!

This is not my best photographic work, so I have a good reason to go back. The following photos were taken on 2 separate trips (a foggy one and a sunny one). I think I’ve gone there three times, but I’m not sure.

Fun fact: William Hearst even had a zoo on his estate. There are still a lot of species roaming around, and they even have their own beef for sale.

Tip for visitors: This place is pretty popular so you might want to book your tour tickets before driving all the way down there.



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