Timelapse: Castro and Market

I made this time-lapse video yesterday. It’s kinda cool ’cause you can see the street cars come by.

I had a few issues with keeping the camera stable, but I put some upbeat music over the video. I think that kinda takes care of it. What do you think?

I really like making timelapses now. It certainly teaches me how to be patient because they are so many time-consuming thingsinvolved in making a time-lapse video that my usual impatient ways wouldn’t work. First, you have to sit through hours of taking taking the same exact photo over an over. Then, you have to import the thousands of photos to your computer. After that, you can finally put them together in a video. And when that’s done, you get to export it into a readable format. Yay!!! Oh, and then I still have to upload it to Youtube so you guys can enjoy my wonderful production! 😉 Isn’t that quaint?

This is just one of the three videos I made in the Castro. If you are interested in seeing more of my videos, feel free to visit my channel. For future reference, the link is in the sidebar too.

2 thoughts on “Timelapse: Castro and Market

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