Janelle Monáe from the front row

That’s right! I did it again! I went to a free concert this afternoon and was standing in the front row, making it incredibly easy to take the best shots possible.

When I turned 15, I got my first cell phone. When Salesforce turns 15, they invite Janelle Monáe to play and invite the whole city to enjoy the show for free. This was also an incredible opportunity for them to collect food for the hungry. They collected 15,000 pounds of food, which got matched making it a total of 30,000 pounds! Oh and I really have to say something about the CEO’s shoes: Crazy cool!

A party without Mayor Ed Lee is not a party (?) so he also got invited to talk… and present Salesforce with some type of recognition. He also proclaimed this day 111 Day in San Francisco. Ed, you are fine, but you can move over now and let Janelle take the stage!

Janelle Monáe‘s entrance reminded me a lot of Stromae’s… She came in on a dolly pushed by a couple of guys. Weird. Her style is also very manicured -just like Stromae (not as colorful though).

Anyway, I love her music style and her crazy energy! It’s not every day that you get to see someone who got to perform at the White House. Here is her official website, in case you need that.

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