Sunol: Let’s get wild!

…not really. But let’s go visit the Sunol Regional Wilderness together.

Sunol, formerly Sunolglen, is an unincorporated area in Alameda County in the San Francisco East Bay. Got yourself situated?

For those who feel the need to know why it’s called Sunol (like I did), here is the Wikipedia explanation: “The town’s name is in honor of Antonio Suñol, part owner of the historical Rancho Valle de San Jose land grant that once contained the site of the town.”

I didn’t realize Sunol was such a cool place until I just Googled it this morning. I mean really. It’s home to a historic railroad system and plenty of other cool stuff.

But all I got to see was the park because that was the purpose of our mini trip. My brother-in-law told my wife about this place, and we decided to go up there last weekend when it seemed to be raining everywhere in the state but there. Weird.

They have a place in the park called Little Yosemite. It’s got a pretty cool waterfall that turns into a river. If you manage to make it up there, make sure to go on the Canyon View Trail. The view is just amazing. Oh, and you are about to see a photo with a bunch of locks. Those locks are on a gate that’s there to prevent cows from running away from the enclosed area. I didn’t get to see them, but we sure heard them at some point.

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