The American Avocet

Tired of birds yet? I hope not because there is still a lot more where that came from!

I went to the Alviso Marina County Park with a friend this past Sunday, and there were lots of different kinds of birds. It was amazing! (Maybe not so much for my friend who had to wait for me every time I saw a new kind of bird to photograph… but for me, it was great!)

Among many other kinds, I spotted the American Avocet. I just figured it out online because I don’t know much about birds. I mean really. To me, a dog is a dog, a flower is a flower and… a bird is a bird. But I love to take photos of birds and come back home to try to identify them with the help of the Internet.

So apparently, this little fellow has a brownish/beige head and lives in North America and has a upturned beak to catch invertebrates in shallow waters. No wonder that guy was hanging out in that park. It’s full of wetlands and stuff. And for those who are wondering what the less colorful birds are, they are their female counterparts.

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