Timelapse: 19th Avenue at Holloway

I’ve become a timelapse addict now! (I hope not though…For your sake.)

Yesterday I sat for 15 minutes by San Francisco State University and took 999 photos to make this little 30-second clip. There were lots of students, cars and trains coming by. Really cool!

Music: Animation-Traffic jam by Musicshake.

14 thoughts on “Timelapse: 19th Avenue at Holloway

        1. Not at all. It’s really easy in fact. You just set up your tripod. Tell your camera (with a remote or a built-in remote) how often to take a picture. When you have about 1000 of the same frame, you put it together in a video and you’ve got a 30-second clip. There are a lot of tutorials online, I’m sure. 🙂

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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