Who the h*** is Valentine anyway?

We all sort of know where it comes from but not really… Actually, maybe not at all.

I mean… We know it has something to do with the Brits (or the Romans?) and a guy named Valentine… That’s it! Well… kinda… I’m not gonna tell you all about this mysterious Valentine guy here because it would be too long -and most likely too boring. But you can click here and read all about the Christian and non-Christian roots of this celebration of love.

You didn’t think I was gonna pass up the opportunity to showcase a few hearts on my blog. Did you? The following series was taken years ago as I was trying a few effects suggested on a photo blog. It was long before I met my wife, but if you take a close look at the book it might have been a sign… maybe. My wife is Jewish and this book is about something Jewish related (Rabbi, Jerusalem, Shalom, Knesset, Israel, … Those are sure signs…). It’s a coincidence.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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