A behind-the-scenes tour of Candlestick Park

Since I don’t have enough money and there is not enough space available for everyone to go on a private tour of The Stick, I thought I’d bring back a few photos and some cool facts from the great tour guide. This way. Follow me…

As most people now know, Candlestick is going to be torn down next year and will forever cease to exist. I’m not a big football fan, but I still wanted to visit the stadium because I think it’s a great historic place. It’s been there for 57 years and was home to two teams (not always at the same time) -The San Francisco Giants and The San Francisco 49ers. Here is what I remember about my 75-minute tour. Thanks Ken for all the good info!

The stadium:

It is the only all-cement stadium in the United States. It was designed by a guy who was used to creating department stores such as Macy’s -not football stadiums.

The light poles are huge, and it takes five guys to replace the 5-foot-diameter light bulbs. And those things move several feet in each direction because of the wind, which apparently is pretty heavy in the afternoon.

Multiple artists and personalities have been to The Stick. Metallica, Justin Timberlake, the Beatles and even the pope (John Paul II) have visited the stadium. As a side note, this was the last live performance the Beatles ever gave, and it lasted 35 minutes (longer than any other performance they had given).


Yeah. That’s right -candlestick. What’s a candlestick doing in all of this? Well, it goes all the way back to the Gold Rush days when people were trying to come to San Francisco by boat. To prevent them from doing so, the then-people of San Francisco lit the boats on fire. The last things to burn down would be the masts that looked like candlesticks from downtown. Yup!

The Lexus luxury Suite:

I can’t remember much from that. I was too busy changing lenses and looking at the awesome view of the stadium. Oh, there are 90-something luxury suites at Candlestick. There will be 195 luxury suites at the new stadium in Santa Clara.

The locker room(s):

Yes, it is plural. Sort of. There is the locker room that was most recently used, and then there is one that was used in the past (during the years when they won five Super Bowls (1981, 1984, 1988, 1989 and 1994).

The one they were using most recently is bigger and nicer, but I wasn’t impressed. It’s not luxurious in any way. Oh, and do dare walk on the logo that’s on the floor in the center of the room. That is the utmost sign of disrespect. And guess what, I got to sit in Justin ‘Cowboy’ Smith‘s chair. Unfortunately, you can’t see any of the names anymore. They had to take them down because people on tours would steal them. Lame…

For the record, the framed jerseys in the locker room belong to retired players. The ones with gold around them are of players that part of the Hall of Fame. The 49ers have over 20 players in the Hall of Fame.

Championship Tunnel:

The players came through those doors (that you’ll see in a picture below). For the record, that so-called tunnel stinks… And as Ken put it, it smells like championship. Well, you can’t blame the players. They haven’t changed the carpet in 50 years…

At the end of the tunnel, there is a plaque dedicated to Bill Walsh. Everyone who enters the field has to tap it twice before doing so.

3 thoughts on “A behind-the-scenes tour of Candlestick Park

  1. The end of an era. I first was at Candlestick when I was 4 years old and I remember seeing Willie Mays. My mom said, “scream 2-4, 2-4!” I then later remember Jeff Kent and Will Clark and Joe Montana and then my favorite, Steve Young. How cool to have had the behind the scenes tour! I’ve only done that at AT&T. Thanks for sharing the photos and a bit of history!

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