Los Banos: dairy and daring

Figured it out yet?… Wait for it…

I know you’ve all figured out the dairy part…. That’s an easy one, considering there are countless dairy farms around there. But daring? Well, I bet you have no clue of what I’m talking about. I, myself, had no idea either until I looked up Los Banos on Wikipedia before writing this little blurb. Tony Donovan, aka Michael Costa, gay pornographic actor, is from Los Banos… hence “daring.”

But the following pictures have more cows and farms than gay porn… (Feel better? Disappointed?)


8 thoughts on “Los Banos: dairy and daring

  1. I wasnt disappointed……I love all the geometry in your images.. I love the caterpillar it reminds me of the ones that have been devouring my basil and I love images with reflections . Thanks so much for sharing : ) Trees

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