Weekly photo challenge: an object

This is my seventeenth participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is “an object.”

Let me start by getting something off my chest: I am so sick of La photo du Mois and this challenge overlapping! I had to pick an object for that other challenge, and I did something completely different and much more controversial… You can see it right here. It started a somewhat interesting conversation… kind of…

Well. Here, I picked something more literal… and something that may also start up a conversation. Here. I’ll start it. I HATE Starbucks. They have the absolute shittiest coffee, so if I’m forced to get something there I get a Frappuccino. But that gets old… And that’s not even talking about their horrible bakery. Before they acquired La Boulange, it was shit. And now that they have La Boulange, surprise….it is still shit!

And let’s not mention their Walmart-like behavior toward employees… Really? You wanna be exempt from living-wage laws? Wow! That’s crazy!

On a lighter note… here is my photo for the week… It’s a really cool steaming coffee pot. If you feel like seeing it in real life, it is located by Civic Center in Boston. I took this photo back in 2006.


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