URBEX: Casino Solvay aka Piscine du Mosq

It’s taken me a while to post this one because I didn’t have much to show you. Only one photo… And not even the best one. But I really needed to write a post about this place.

Casino Solvay (1952?) - www.delcampe.net
Casino Solvay (1952?) – www.delcampe.net

The Casino Maison Solvay building was built in 1937 in Couillet, Charleroi -a little town in Belgium. It has been in the hands of a Muslim community since 2005, and the owners have plans to open up a mosque. Anyway, it’s none of my business, but I think that would be pretty sad considering how great and beautiful this place is. It’s a well of history. Really.

And in case you are wondering why there is only one picture here… well… Urban Exploration doesn’t always go as planned. My friend (he got luckier) and I sort of got caught in the act, though we were able to leave before getting in trouble. As usual, we didn’t move or destroy anything, but I can tell a lot of people went through there and didn’t exactly treat the place with respect. Another group of people was already there when we got in… Pretty popular spot for great photography! Please respect the building!

I also want to mention one more article I found on WordPress about this wonderful place. Her photos are stunning!

Casino Solvay

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