Downtown SF architecture: history. Brick-by-brick.

(What else was I gonna title that???) This is obviously a work in progress, but I’ve been taking photos of buildings that sort of speak to me in Downtown San Francisco recently.

Anybody who lives in San Francisco knows that these photos weren’t taken today since the fog has finally returned to the City! The following pictures were taken on two or three separate days when the weather was a little better.

I generally like buildings with cool reflections, but I also like buildings that seem to tell a story… As San Francisco is rapidly changing and the architecture is taking a sharp turn, I believe it is important to document the change.

I hope you enjoy it!

Oh and by the way. Wanna know what happened to Marquard’s Smoke Shop featured in this post? Click here for the article.

11 thoughts on “Downtown SF architecture: history. Brick-by-brick.

  1. Great set of images, brilliant documentation! I completely agree re:documenting change, but these aren’t just docu shots, you’ve given them individuality, and I love that puddle reflection….

  2. I love this post! My parents were married at The Palace hotel. I grew up in Oakland and lived and worked in SF for awhile. I still go back once every couple weeks as I’m only 20 minutes east. Thank you for the wonderful images!

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