My neighborhood is #soextraweird and #sokindacool

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. The hashtag doesn’t make any sense and is totally weird. You are right!

Here is the explanation for #soextraweird: Parkmerced’s new management decided it was to time to re-brand the apartment community yet another time, and whoever they hired thought they were so cool with this hashtag-everything campaign. Maybe they missed the point of hashtags. Or maybe they just need to stop re-branding the place so often. Anyway, there is something wrong with this. Just check out their site. I’m not making this up! And since they’ll probably come up with something totally new and clever in like a month, here is a link to a print screen I made today (so we can always remember the good ol’ hashtag times at Parkmerced.)

And here is the explanation for #sokindacool: In today’s post I’m taking you on a short walk around my neighborhood -Parkmerced. We’ve already established that the people who came up with their campaign are a little weird. So let’s get into what’s kinda good about living here (or anywhere really): You can take photos!

Here are some of the photos I took on a walk while with my step-daugter as well as some I took at the Community Garden.

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