Armistead Maupin comes back to the City to talk about his new book

I did something quite different today. I went to Book Passage in the Ferry Building to listen to Armistead Maupin talk about his latest book, The Days of Anna Madrigal.

Maupin, who now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with husband Christopher Turner showed up at the rather small but acclaimed bookstore to present The Tales of the City‘s ninth and last volume. This might be breaking news to some, but Maupin is putting an end to the saga. That is not to says he is ending his writing career.

The conversation was led by Liam Mayclem, host and producer of KCBS’ Foodie Chap segments. The bookstore was completely packed with fans who were there to listen to Maupin’s reading of a passage from his latest book. And some were there to get their copies signed by the world renowned author.

I’m not going to be able to do a recap of what Maupin said, but here are a few photos that I was able to take during and after the “show.” However, I can tell you this: He seems like a very nice and genuine man who fits right in with the San Francisco culture. He said he misses the city but is hoping to build a new life in New Mexico while spending as much time as possible in the Bay Area. He said being a writer is not as lucrative as it may seem, and he and his husband were better off selling their San Francisco house and starting a new life elsewhere. Good luck to you two!

And thanks for signing my books!

(As far as the photos, I’m sort of regretting giving you lower quality versions of the originals. Some of them were taken from afar. Some are better than others. I just feel very fortunate to having met him.)

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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