It’s a dog’s life… (literally)

About a week ago, my step-daughter and I when on a walk around our neighborhood so I could teach her a thing or two about photography. (Yes. I’m working on getting them hooked too…) What follows is really kinda funny.

I think this might be my first time posting this kind of a post where the three photos tell a (very) short story.

Here it goes: A dog owner is walking his (I’m assuming they are his) two dogs -one on a leash, the other one loose. The one on a leash wouldn’t listen to his almost-perfect owner who was ready, bag in hand, to scoop up the poop. At this point, the poop hasn’t even come out of any of the dogs, and there is absolutely no sign that it ever will. That tells you how good of a dog owner this guy is. The super organized type if you will. Anyway. The guy is obviously trying to cross the street with his two furry friends when one of them decides it’s the perfect time to lick some bird poop off the ground. Ew!

And that’s where it becomes funny. The dog owner can’t seem to make his dog cross the street so he proceeds to pull the dog off the sidewalk. The dog shows some resistance and the owner pulls even harder on the leash, making the dog tip over. The dog is now on his back, being pulled across the street.

Owner 1 – Dog 0. In a city (San Francisco) where dogs have become more important than humans (especially kids), it’s good to see that some dog owners still have the upper hand in this dog vs. dog owner game! Ha!


7 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life… (literally)

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