Tomales Bay: Double-crested Cormorant and Turkey Vulture

About ten days ago, I posted something about Egrets in Tomales Bay. Today, I’m posting photos of a Turkey Vulture and a Double-crested Cormorant both of which were taken in Tomales Bay as well.

Everybody knows what a Turkey Vulture looks like, but it took a little more work to figure the other one out. My mother-in-law has a deck of cards with birds that live around the area, and I was able to identify from that deck. This morning, I double-checked with photos online, and it seems like I may have gotten it right. If there are any bird experts out there, do not hesitate to jump in if it needs a correction.

And I can’t wait to go back there and find new species. There are so many birds around Tomales Bay. It’s truly amazing!


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