Amsterdam was in San Francisco?

That’s right. The MS Amsterdam was in San Francisco a few weeks ago and got to stay at the BAE Systems dry docks for a little repair. Or maybe just a check-up before taking off on a 131-day journey?

I took advantage of that to go snap a few pictures of the $400-million cruise ship. It now seems that the MS Amsterdam is in Peru(?). You can check its location here(I have found a few different locations. They may not be updated all the time. Plus, some of them are the scheduled position vs. the actual position.) And its itinerary is right here.

Disclaimer: the photos taken in the daytime are far from being my best work, but I still wanted to show you in the ship in the bright daylight. I had trouble taking pictures in the morning because the sun was right in front of me. The night photos, I think, are a lot better.


4 thoughts on “Amsterdam was in San Francisco?

  1. I go for runs in this area and I notice this boat too (well not to hard, this boat was huge) but I saw some cranes on it and other machines. I think it need some repairs. Nice shot! This boat was not as pretty in the day light!

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