Petaluma: the egg basket of the world?

What?!?!? The egg basket of the world? That’s an interesting slogan. Isn’t it? Well. Once again, it refers to something that happened during the Gold Rush that you can read all about right here!

Now rest assured. What follows has nothing to do with eggs. I just went to Petaluma for the very first time over the weekend and took some photos of people, buildings and stuff… no eggs though… Although with the amount of antique stores around, I’m sure there might be some weird cardboard eggs lying around somewhere.

My favorite part of the whole Petaluma experience? Well… I was taking photos in this back alley when some older guy asked me if I was taking pictures of the tags. I said no, but then he explained to me that taggers often take pictures of their art. Do I look like a tagger? I feel for the guy. He spends hours volunteering for the City, removing tags from the walls. It must be frustrating! But do I look like a tagger?!? (Not enough spray paint on my clothes…)


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