Tomales Bay: Snowy and Great Egrets

I went on a little trip to Santa Rosa and the coast with my wife this past weekend, and I saw some of the coolest birds in Tomales Bay.

I’m far from being a bird expert so I tried looking them up, and I think I got them sorted out. If you guys know those birds and can tell them apart, please feel free to jump in!

There are three photos below. The first and second one are the same bird -a Snowy Egret (from what I could tell). The third photograph is one of the Great Egret. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of the whole bird, and his head is missing. However, the description of its feet matches the one of a Great Egret. (And I know for sure that this one had a yellow beak.) Anyway, here are the two herons. Enjoy!

Oh! And here is a little background info on the birds you are about to see. It seems like their species is not doing too well in the area 😦

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