Weekly photo challenge: beginning

This is my thirteenth participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is “beginning.”

Again, it is getting harder and harder to cover the themes, but this week I got an early start. I’m doing it on the first day. Just to make sure…

Below, you’ll see a series of photos taken at the Goldwell Open Air Museum near Rhyolite -a ghostown in Nevada located near Death Valley. “The Last Supper,” photographed below, is an art installation by Belgian artist Charles Albert Szukalski. (Weird fact: almost all of the art pieces at the open air museum were made by Belgian artists… I had to show that off I guess.)

I chose this series of photos for two reasons.

1. Their website reads this: “Known for many years in Europe as the sculptor of “ghosts” and a “situation maker,” Albert Szukalski came to the Nevada desert in 1984 to create what is perhaps the most unique piece of his career. Originally designed to endure a mere two years, “The Last Supper” sculpture has not only stood the test of time, but has lived on to become the “genesis” piece of the Goldwell Open Air Museum.” Everybody knows what genesis means…

2. The Last Supper, to me, sort of represents the beginning of a new religion -Catholicism.

All right. Here it is:

21 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: beginning

    1. I love Death Valley too! There are so many things to see. (Although the last time I went, it was WAYYYYY too hot. Too hot to even get out of the car…) Thanks for dropping by! 😉

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