Best of 2013 – Happy new year 2014!

It’s been quite the year! I mean, really. This blog got started in April of 2013 (that, in and of itself is amazing!) and has gotten great support from all of you guys. It’s truly an honor to have so many people follow my work, and I really hope that you’ll continue to enjoy what I do in 2014 as my skills get better.In this post, I’m sharing with you the Best of 2013. It is a mix of a lot of different photographs taken in various places in the world. It made me smile to see some of these oldies (for the most part), although some brought back terrible memories. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure all that out as you revisit this Top 12!

By the way, this is solely based on the number of views each photograph got, and only one photograph by post is presented in this Best of 2013.

And the winner is…. Miss Chiwa, who managed to get two photos in the Top 12 (from two different posts: #1 and #5).

Enjoy! And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here is the list of posts that made it to the Top 12 (the Top 12 photos are right below):

1. Miss Chiwa: the new canine mascot
2. Stromae from the front row
3. La photo du mois: victoire
4. Weekly photo challenge: eerie
5. Happy birthday Belgium!
6. Puggy from the front row
7. La photo du mois: un objet
8. La photo du mois: ensemble
9. Weekly photo challenge: the hue of you
10. San Francisco by the docks
11. La photo du mois: bonheur
12. A happier Boston Marathon

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