Weekly photo challenge: one

This is my eleventh participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is “one.”

This week’s challenge was a little hard for me ’cause one is all around us. I mean really. Everything and anything could count as one. Anyway, I tried my best.

I just shot a series of sunset photos at Ocean Beach in San Francisco that I thought could work for this challenge. I mean, there is only one sun in our solar system. It is true that there are countless suns in the universe, but as far as our little planet is concerned it only has to revolve around this one sun.

It’s fascinating to me. But that’s not how we get sunsets. We all know that… (hopefully). It is not because the Earth revolves around the sun that we have nights and days. It it because the Earth rotates on its imaginary axis. The Sun actually doesn’t do much. The planets around it do the work. They revolve around him and rotate. The Sun is like our master. Our lives revolve around it, and we can’t live without it. Try to imagine if we didn’t have daylight… And so many civilizations before us and some current ones on other continents really live by the Sun’s cycle.

Anyway. I’m done philosophizing about the Sun and the meaning of life.

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