Walmart: Save Money (barely). Live Better (not).

Really? I know Walmart doesn’t have the best practices with their employees -to the point that the big chain store has to organize food drives for their own employees. Imagine that! You’d almost think that that’s because they want to keep very low prices for their customers. Maybe…

Anyway, I just came across something similar to what I’m about to show you today on Facebook. Same kind of a thing by the same exact company. Decidedly, Walmart keeps on being really… funny!

Whether you take Walmart’s latest slogan into account -“Save Money. Live Better.”- or the old one -“Always Low Prices. Always.” things seem to be pretty clear, Walmart is just out to save you money! BARELY! I mean, if they think a 4-cent discount qualifies as discount… Oh well, this isn’t the first Walmart does something weird. They also have reputation to steal not-so-famous artists’ artwork (and famous too) to put them on merchandise. Yikes.

PS: I know the photo below (from February 2007) is probably one of the worst photos I’ve ever taken, but it was never intended to be pretty. So enjoy the irony and relax. Haha! 😉

Walmart at San Antonio Shopping Center - Mountain View, CA


10 thoughts on “Walmart: Save Money (barely). Live Better (not).

  1. In the Midwest Walmart is very popular. On the westside of LA the only Walmart is in the hood. I don’t venture that way often.. But I go there maybe two times/year in one of the valley stores. I’ll stick with Target! (Although they are having the credit card issues right now)!

    • Yeah. I mean Target is bad for other reasons. Those huge corporations are all bad in some way or another. But I guess we can’t really avoid them altogether. And yes, Walmart is really popular in the Midwest. So is Mitt Romney… 😉

      • We already knew better (about Walmart) and we let our greed conquer, over a sale price that wasn’t that much less. So, it was a matter of our principles losing out to a minor savings. We never went back, and both of us wondered how we managed to rationalize going that time. We spoke about it occasionally, for years after.

        • Sounds like a traumatic experience! 😉 I used to go there almost every week without buying anything to kill time while waiting for someone that took classes nearby. I truly hate that place.

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