San Jose: No way, Jose!

When I first went to San Jose, I thought it was a joke! I mean, really! I lived in Cupertino at the time, and I thought “there are two big cities around here: San Francisco and San Jose. Let’s check them out!” Yeah. Right. San Jose doesn’t even have its own mall.

Yeah. That’s right! The only mall there is is actually on Santa Clara territory.

Anyway. Throughout the years, I’ve had to go to San Jose several times to go see plays at theaters, go to the museum, etc., and I’ve learned to appreciate the city. It’s mostly like a cultural and financial district. There is no shopping, and I feel like the streets are always sort of empty. But it’s not bad.

And it’s got a really read city hall! Really though. It’s got smoke coming out of poles and stuff!!

Then there is a cool art museum right next to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph… Pretty neat. And that’s without mentioning the great Tech Museum of Innovation, which I visit to see the Body Worlds exhibit.


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