The Bridge: the famous and infamous structure

The Golden Gate Bridge is famous all over the world for its vibrant colors. It’s also, unfortunately, known for the somewhat high suicides rates due to people jumping from it. And then, there are things that people don’t necessarily know about the bridge…

When I bring tourists to the bridge, their first reaction is to tell me how noisy it is because of the cars. I guess tourist guides never show the bridge as a means of traveling between San Francisco and the north. Tourists often think Golden Gate Bridge is just a landmark. I don’t know any of the numbers concerning the bridge so I’ll refer you to this site.

The history, the making and the life of the bridge make this place special. Although it was not supposed to remain red as red is the primer, San Franciscans and tourists alike would never think of the bridge to be any other color. For more cool facts, visit the site mentioned above.

As far as the suicides, it is something people don’t like to talk about. The people who work for the bridge are not very talkative about it, and the media mostly covers the ongoing efforts to prevent them from happening. Documentaries have been made about this sad and infamous characteristic (like The Bridge). The question remains without an answer: Why do we still not have a net after we just had another 10 people jumping off the bridge in August?

To me, the bridge is a special place, but it’s mostly a noisy place where people sometimes decide to give up on life. I definitely have mixed feelings about this incredibly important structure.

(By the way, the following photos were taken over the years -since 2008 to the present. I really need to go back at night to better capture the lights.)


16 thoughts on “The Bridge: the famous and infamous structure

  1. This is where my fear of bridges all started! We crossed several times when I was around 5, and the height, the time it took to cross, and the water below just freaked me out. I used to sit on the floor of the car, “Mama, are we across yet?” 🙂

  2. Yes, why not a net? The technology and engineering exists to make this a reality at reasonable cost to save human life? Why not a net?

    I could even ask the same questions about the James N. Allan Skyway bridge in my city. Suicides from it are not as common as they are with the GGB. Not even close but who cares. Get a net?

  3. Hi, Morgane! I never knew the red color of the bridge was actually primer. Did know (thanks to that documentary, The Bridge) about the frequency of suicides. Is a net even possible? Do nets exist in other such places (well, that Apple factory in China)…?

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