Sacramento: State Capitol in the state capital

I had the opportunity to visit Sacramento twice. People usually ask me why I like to go there because there seem to be a general consensus that there is nothing cool in Sacramento. I beg to differ!

The first time I went was with my then-best friend from Belgium and there was a protest in favor of gay marriage in from of the capitol. I even met a guy from my political science class at SF State there. I mean, you see protests in San Francisco too, but seeing one in front of the Capitol was a different experience.

The second time, I went there with my girlfriend who was very confused as to why we would drive all the way to Sacramento. It’s not a long ride, but it’s a ride. And she didn’t seem to understand why I’d want to spend the day there. We got there, and she changed her mind. We visited the Capitol. It was pretty and educational. Then, we walked around the Old Town. We had a lot of fun.

And by the way, I’m not posting these photos for their quality. I’m posting these photos for the beauty, grandeur and architectural value of this great building.

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