Death Valley makes me feel alive

I’m about to tell you about one of the hottest places on the planet as it is pouring rain outside in San Francisco. Death Valley is a personal favorite!

I’ve been to Death Valley four times. The first time was in January 2009 with my then-best friend and my ex-girlfriend. I think we kind of rushed through it. We saw most of the landmarks but didn’t really appreciate Death Valley for what it is. The weather was pretty good. Warm but not insanely hot.

The second time I went was with my parents. They were visiting me for graduation in May 2010, and we went on a pretty amazing road trip around California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. A little warmer than the first time but still pretty enjoyable.

The third time was in April 2012. I went there with my girlfriend for our one-year anniversary. It was really pretty. We even got to see a few flowers.It was warm and nice. It’s also the first time I got to see the river.

The fourth time was just plain insane! It was in July 2012. It was crazy hot (record hot type of weather!) the first day, and the second day we had to run away from of the biggest storms I’d ever seen. Still pretty cool to be able to experience the Valley in those conditions as well. That time, I was visiting with my cousins who came from Switzerland. They were really impressed by the heat and the rapid change in weather!

Make sure to click on the images to read the details on the location and the date.

16 thoughts on “Death Valley makes me feel alive

  1. Death Valley is definitely my favorite desert too. There are so many different landscapes and color in a such small distance. I want a few times too, and I never get tired of this places or scenaries. And the Joshua trees… My favorite trees!! Great post 🙂

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