Weekly photo challenge: layers

This is my sixth participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is layers. I don’t whether it’s a lack of creativity on my part, but I’m finding it hard to find stuff that are a little out of the box these days. When I was walking back from the gym this morning, I was trying to think of what I could photograph for this week’s challenge and nothing really came to mind. Once back at home, I decided to look up the meanings of layer in the dictionary.

Turns out there are more layers than I anticipated, and that’s a really really good thing! Here is a little explanation for the photos you are about to see.

The first one was taken in Arville, Belgium, and I particularly like it because it’s got 3 different kinds of layers: 1)The wood forms different layers. 2)The wood’s bark is layered because of age. 3)There are layers of snow on top of the wood.

The second one was also taken in Arville, Belgium and shows two hens that are saved specifically for laying eggs. Those are called layers.

The third one shows a DVD with dual layer recording.

8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: layers

  1. I had a hard time too. I keep looking around me saying what do I see that is in layers? This is only my first week and so I pulled out some photos that I took this summer. I haven’t pulled out my camera yet. It is interesting to see what people say. Your logs especially have layers! nice.

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