Pay more, get less. Wait. What?!

Let’s try something new here: humor! I guess I never intended for this blog to become humorous, but sometimes I come across a true gem. The photo you are about to see was taken in Brussels, Belgium in 2006 and is the kind of thing you only see Photoshopped or in funny photo series shared by a friend on Facebook. This one is real. Promise! (I had a very different camera back then, so I ask you guys to cut me some slack.)

That laundromat is now gone. I had the opportunity to check not too long ago as I lived in Brussels more recently again. But it sure bothered me for years. I remember seeing this every Wednesday when I’d come back from my grandparents’ place. I used to think it didn’t make any sense. Now I just think it’s really funny! I mean, somebody had to think this out. Then, somebody else had to print this out. Then, people read it for years. And they went along with the prices too (I guess).

How did they not realize this before? Maybe that’s why they are not around anymore. Who knows?


Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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