Bay Bridge by night (and some…)

Last weekend, I finally went to the Bay Bridge at night to check out the Bay Lights installation. This little night adventure allowed me to realize I probably need to buy a new tripod that will be able to hold my D7000 and the 28-300 lens that is attached to it. Ha!

Anyway, the Bay lights installation has lit up the bridge at night for a few months now. It was supposed to be for a short period of time, but people seemed to have adopted the new look of the bridge at night.

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about the old vs. the new San Francisco Bay Bridge. Now, I’d like to show you a few photos of the bridge at night as well as the City skyline taken from Treasure Island and Pier 23 Cafe’s neon lights.

You’ll also be able to notice the new span of the Bay Bridge with the Port of Oakland in the background.

11 thoughts on “Bay Bridge by night (and some…)

  1. Beautiful photos of the Bay Bridge! I’m assuming you meant a 28-300 lens and not 3000, lol. I couldn’t resist pointing that out. Can you imagine the size of a lens like that?? 🙂

  2. Great night shots! Well done. Did you pick up the new tripod yet? Recently bought a GorillaPod and like it a lot. Portable & strong. Still use my old tripod (about 15 pounds) but the Gorilla is great for carrying on hikes. Thanks for sharing your work.

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