De Wand neighborhood’s magic wand

I know the title is totally lame, but I couldn’t come up with anything cool. Anyway, the pictures are about to see were taken in Brussels, Belgium in a neighborhood named its the main street -De Wand Street. I used to go there quite a bit when I was a kid. I still go there ’cause I have a friend who lives there. The tramway stop used to get tagged up by vandals all the time, so they decided to have graffiti-style art to keep the area clean. (At least, that’s one of the reasons). It’s worked pretty well actually… That’s why I picked the title… Get it? Haha!

I found a video of the artwork and some explanation: “The largest mural painting of Belgium! This monumental work was made in the De Wand station by graffiti artists from Belgium, France, The Netherlands and England. In 9 days time, these artists were able to make the largest mural painting of Belgium.” Come to find out, it’s actually become THE BIGGEST IN EUROPE!

The facts: Titled “The Walk,”30 artists, 4500 square meters, 200 000€, 9 days, 6000 spray paint cans, August 2007.


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