Oakland’s Produce and Waterfront District

I don’t even know if the Produce and Waterfront District is actually a thing. I looked it up on a real estate website. I guess those websites get it wrong a lot when it comes to naming neighborhoods, but I’m just going to have to trust them for now.

The following photos were all taken around the corner of Franklin and 4th streets. And since I never go to Oakland, it’s hard to give you more details on the place. I remember going to a blues club not far from there about 4 years ago. That’s all.

What I like about that area, though, is that I get the same sort of vibe as in the Dogpatch in San Francisco somehow. I don’t know if that’s weird…

A little about the first photo (La Mancha): “The property is currently occupied by Rick’ s Produce who has been a tenant since 1990,” the real estate website reports. “The previous tenant at the property was La Mancha -a landmark Mexican food restaurant which occupied the location for many years.” (This info is from over a year ago. Don’t know if it’s still current.)

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