Resting Rolls-Royce

It’s not every day that you see a Rolls-Royce on the streets of San Francisco (or anywhere else, really). So I thought I’d take a few shots of the one I spotted in Chinatown last weekend. Photo shoot lady in ChinatownThe vehicle was obviously being rented for some photo shoot. There were a few people taking pictures of a lady I do not know with the Chinatown/cable car background. I’m including a picture of her with the text so you guys might be able to solve the mystery. WHO IS THE LADY OF CHINATOWN WITH THE ROLLS-ROYCE? IS SHE FAMOUS? IS SHE A MODEL? IS SHE JUST A RANDOM LADY?

Naturally, as I was trying to find an answer to my question on the internet, I found another picture of a Rolls Royce…I thought somebody had spotted the same one! Nope! It was a shot from 2010. It could even be the same vehicle for all I know.

Anyway, the following photos will take you to a world of luxury of another era.

14 thoughts on “Resting Rolls-Royce

  1. Great photos! I have no idea who the lady is, but she looks interesting in your photo, even if she is not famous. My favorite photo is the first one with the frontal side shot of the car. Beautiful! All great photos.

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