San Francisco by the docks

Well. I don’t really know how to start. I was supposed to get on a plane back to my country (Belgium) this morning… but obviously didn’t since I’m writing this. My girlfriend proposed to me about 10 days ago so we are going to get married. I’m so excited!!!! That means I’m going to be staying in San Francisco for much longer than I thought… probably a lifetime longer than I thought.

My girlfriend happens to have a job in the Dogpatch, which is right by the dry docks , and I love that area because it reminds me of the Meatpacking District in NYC somehow. Over a year ago, when I was still living here as a student I had the opportunity to write an article about the dry docks operated by BAE Systems for the Potrero View. Back then, I posted one of the photos from that article onto THE RUSTY PROJECT.

The following photos are of the surrounding area. The buildings around Pier 70 have all been deemed hazardous, so they are all empty now. To me, they still look like they are full of life and take me to the past. The City of San Francisco is currently planning a major remodeling of the area to make it a more local version Pier 39 with walkways and bikeways, as well as shopping and restaurants.

27 thoughts on “San Francisco by the docks

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah… many more actually. I used to live here as a student so I already have quite few of California in general. But I guess there can never be too much of San Francisco on any blog…right? 😉

      1. I’m from the images and always start reading later on, or not at all… so: congrats with your upcoming marriage! cheers, harrie

  1. Amazing photos! I love your style! Great colors and composition. My favorite is the one with the orange stripes, blue and pipe. The composition and the colors in that one are simply outstanding!

  2. This is a wonderful collection that I really like. Just came over to say thanks for the like on my own post “moored”. Congratulations on the engagement, sounds like it is all happening for you. MM 🍀

  3. I’m always attracted by docks and ports so I had to click on this post! But your news made it even more exciting… congratulations on your new life! Don’t worry if you miss Belgium, we’ll cover up for you 🙂

  4. I just stopped by to thank you for liking my entries for the weekly challenge:light, and saw these photos. I really like them, they brought back some memories, we were in that shipyard for a little while a long time ago. I spent a few years working out of SF and coming and going from China Basin. I do like looking at those ‘industrial’ type pictures and especially to do with ports. Congratulations to you too, I guess that means you’ll be spending more time in CA, it is such a beautiful place 🙂

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