UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game

UPDATE: Jeremy Novy got back to me and said the other pieces were vandalized and couldn’t be fixed. Read what follows, keeping that info in mind.
Banksy, a street artist with an international reputation, just finished a month long residency in NYC. For a while that’s all we could hear and read about . Even Justin Bieber managed to get some of the Banksy hype. Not sure it was really necessary but that’s not the point. Much acclaimed by some and not so loved by others, Banksy has conquered the streets with his art.

From what I was able to gather, the artist was in San Francisco and didn’t miss a chance to “tag” the walls and houses of the city. So, I tried finding all those pieces of art… and couldn’t! Out of the 7 to 9 pieces I could find on the internet, only 2/3 remain in existence.

That’s right! Well…almost. I found two that are his work and one that is mural collaboration with other artists such as Jeremy Novy (otherwise known as the koi fish guy) in the Mission District on the Public Works building. There is a pretty good article written about this mural by Street Art SF.

So I began to wonder. Have they been all whitewashed? Well. I still don’t have a complete explanation, but I’ve asked Jeremy Novy (who I know from having written article for a local publication). He hasn’t responded yet, but he maybe knows why Banksy’s art has vanished off the walls of SF.

I did find one article that might be a partial explanation. But most of the art was just covered up. I could tell somebody had just painted over. But why?!?!?!?!?! We might get an response from Novy soon.

In the meantime, here is the art I was able to find. Make sure to click on the photos for details on each piece.

10 thoughts on “UPDATED: Banksy in San Francisco —or the best hide-and-seek game

  1. Awesome post! I do not understand why they’d cover them up either but… I guess they’re not that into the hype of the famous mysterious graffiti artist. Great shots and great art, thanks for sharing!

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