Weekly photo challenge: eerie

This is my fourth participation in the Weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is eerie. First, I have to say this theme is actually a challenge. Second, I didn’t want to have another post in black and white, but then I think b&w photos are better to let the eerie effect transpire.

I also wanted to take original photos for this week’s challenge, but when I saw the theme, I was at a loss. I then proceeded to look at some of my old photographs.  Hope you like them. Some of them are better than others. Most of them were taken in California; one of them was taken in Belgium. Click on the images for details.

35 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: eerie

    1. Ha. That’s been my favorite tree ever since I saw it for the first time back in 2006. Unfortunately, I think they took it down a couple years ago…Thanks for dropping by!

  1. I too had to reach back and find something that I shot a few years ago to meet this photo challenge. I found both the tree and the hotel interesting. The hotel shot reminds me of the movie Psycho which was not only eerie, it was downright scary.

  2. Great photos! I love the one with the “dead” Homer and the one right next to it with the tree casting its shadow, for this theme. They are all great photos though!

    I definitely agree with you, I was at a loss when I saw this week’s challenge. Initially I thought I won’t even do it this week, but then I kinda got hooked on it – although initially I had told myself I don’t want to do what the others do 😀 – so I tried to see if I got at least something close.

    I also think B&W works better for eerie, but there are cases and cases.

    Again great shots and happy Sunday!

  3. Creepy selection, indeed – and I completely agree that black & white works best for eerie! The Belgian shot with the scissors is interesting…. And the abandoned Homer works well!

    1. Oh thanks so much! Since the challenge has started I have actually seen a few pics in color and some work well after all. I still think my selection works best in b&w. Thanks for the nice comment and for taking the time to visit my blog!

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