Halloween: oranges vs. pumpkins

All right! I know I’m not in the habit of posting two sets of pictures a day, I felt like I need to make an exception. Being from Belgium and being part of that older generation, I never really celebrated Halloween as a kid. Now, kids in Belgium celebrate Halloween just like the kids of Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, California, etc. Know why? Not by tradition…! Well, Halloween is pretty lucrative, and anything that sells becomes a tradition fairly quickly!

Well, again, that’s not my tradition so I decided to reinvent the wheel. Here is my Halloween “spoof”: oranges have replaced pumpkins!

You wanna know the real story… not that this one isn’t somewhat real, but truth is oranges are much more practical! Emptying the guys is a breeze… and carving is done in the blink of an eye!

P.S.: The Irish didn’t start celebrating Halloween with pumpkins anyway; they started by carving potatoes and turnips back in Ireland.

Halloween orange pumpkin

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