Halloween: (creepy) dolls

Some might say they are not that creepy. Well, yeah. That’s right. They are regular dolls. But to me, there is something about them that feels a little strange and disturbing when they are shot at a certain angle or even just in black and white.

I’ve wanted to shoot this series for a while, but you know how it goes. It’s nothing urgent so you keep on postponing it. And then, about 10 days ago, I thought this could be a fun theme for Halloween. So I went to a few Goodwill stores, looked for my girlfriend’s daughters’ dolls. And there I had all my creepy dolls.

I think it’s just kinda cool to get away from the traditional witches, etc. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

creepy dolls banner

12 thoughts on “Halloween: (creepy) dolls

  1. I think they are a little creepy, some of them, but mostly eerie. I can understand the creepiness part though. They look so pretty so shiny and so lifeless, and yet we invest them with some kind of soul. There’s an Asian belief that some inanimated objects, such as dolls, have a soul, and some of them are quite evil 😀

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