Paris, je t’aime (part II): The Louvre

I say The Louvre… You say…?

You say… The Mona Lisa! That’s right! It’s almost like they live for each other. And yet, The Louvre is also home to hundreds of very well-known (and not-so-famous) pieces of art.

I got dozens of Mona Lisa photos but the one I decided to share with you is probably the most representative of what the atmosphere is like in the summer at the Paris museum -It’s extremely crowded! My girlfriend and I were even wondering whether people cared more about having a photo of the famous painting or actually seeing it, looking at it. Well, you can’t really take the time to look at it ’cause dozens of people are pushing behind you to get a snapshot of the famous smile. What you can do is get your own snapshot, and that’s what I did… Here is one of them… Plus other goodies!

4 thoughts on “Paris, je t’aime (part II): The Louvre

  1. For a moment there I thought that wooden panel was coming right out of the phone, and I couldn’t understand how that works 🙂 It’s an interesting shot. Nice photos.

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