Paris, je t’aime (part I): le Père Lachaise

Haha. Not so sure about the title here, but hey. I just went with a big ol’ cliché. It’s actually been a while since I went on this trip. I went there with my girlfriend over the summer. But you know how it goes. Things get in the way, and you just never get to take the time to post the Paris pictures. Anyway. I’m gonna be sharing them with you guys in no particular order. Hope that works for you. This first series is about world-famous cemetery Père Lachaise. I actually stayed at a friend’s place when in Paris, and he lives right behind the famous dead people. Haha.

10 thoughts on “Paris, je t’aime (part I): le Père Lachaise

  1. I haven’t been to Pere Lachaise in many, many years.. I love the photo with the heart. My last visit was in search of Jim Morrison’s grave which I eventually located. Don’t think my kids would be into wandering around a cemetery so may not make it back here again for quite some time!

      1. My kids are a little whimpy- and perhaps your cousin is unique! Luckily we have been able to visit Paris every 3 years or so recently- my husband is Italian and we make our way to Paris after visiting Italy to see family, friends and the sights. Two weeks ago or so I posted 8 days straight on Paris myself- you should check it out. I am really enjoying returning there through your photos and point of view now.

    1. I most certainly will. I’m not on an actual computer now but I’ll check it out as soon as I get home. Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos. I have become a follower of yours myself. Again, thank you!

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