Switzerland part II: Gruyères

Even if you are an American and know nothing about Europe (it’s not an insult. It just happens a lot), you might recognize this place’s name…From the supermarket…maybe….yeah? Got it? Yes! That’s right. It’s a kind of cheese! The cheese is actually spelled a little differently ’cause it doesn’t have an “s” at the end. In fact, the cheese is named after the whole region, which comprises the city of Gruyères. It is a very cute and beautiful place, though very touristy. I’ll let you be the judge of how cute and pretty it is, and I hope you can travel through my photographs.

9 thoughts on “Switzerland part II: Gruyères

  1. En voyant que tu avais posté des photos de Gruyères, je m’attendais à voir des photo du Giger Bar: http://www.hrgiger.com/barmuseum.htm car le contraste entre la vision idyllique de Gruyères et l’univers inquiétant des créatures de Giger est très frappant.

    Mais même sans ton reportage est réussi et montre bien l’atmosphère paisible du lieu.

  2. Oh surreal Switzerland, gorgeous Gruyères! What beautiful photos..these have inspired me to go and revisit the picture I took when I visited there…far too long ago. Lovely blog.

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