Saule from the front row

You’ve seen Stromae from the front row, Puggy from the front row and Suarez from the from row. Now, it’s Saule‘s turn!

After having waited for over 6 hours at the Grand Place in Brussels, I finally got to see Saule (and other bands and singers I have shared pictures of in previous posts). Every year on September 27, Brussels and Wallonia celebrate the French-speaking community. This year, they had a free concert with artists from Belgium, namely Brussels and Wallonia.

I got photos of the whole band, but the light was somehow not as good as for the other bands and singers. So I ended up also picking photos from the rehearsal they had in the afternoon. Below, you’ll see photos of lead singer Baptiste Lalieu and two of his musicians. (The drummer is missing). You’ll even see a photo of Puggy singing Dusty men with Saule at the rehearsal.

I’m kinda of happy with the pics. Well, I guess I deserved to be in the front after such effort. Nothing separated me from the stage, and I got lucky with the light. In short, it was amazing! “Formidable”!

Comments? They are much appreciated! ;)

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