Suarez from the front row

You’ve seen Stromae from the front row and Puggy from the front row. Now, it’s Suarez‘s turn!

After having waited for over 6 hours at the Grand Place in Brussels, I finally got to see Suarez (and other bands and singers I have shared pictures of in previous posts. There is just one missing: Saule). Every year on September 27, Brussels and Wallonia celebrate the French-speaking community. This year, they had a free concert with artists from Belgium, namely Brussels and Wallonia.

I got photos of Marc Pinilla, Maximin Njava and Dada Ravalison. Unfortunately, even from the front row, I couldn’t get good pictures of the two players in the back.

I’m kinda of happy with the pics. Well, I guess I deserved to be in the front after such effort. Nothing separated me from the stage, and I got lucky with the light. In short, it was amazing! “Formidable”!


One thought on “Suarez from the front row

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