Miss Chiwa: the new canine mascot

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I can’t really decide whether this post is about a dog or about the dog’s owners. Maybe it’s because the dog and the dog’s owner make one -one (happy) little family of three.

Miss Chiwa - 1Joseph Guns and Sylvana Sonzogni live in Tamines, a little city between Charleroi and Namur in Southern Belgium. Guns and Miss Chiwa met Sylvana five years ago. While Guns and Sylvana got along right off the bat, Miss Chiwa had a harder time adjusting to her master’s new companion.

Since then, things have changed quite a bit and Miss Chiwa can’t live without either of them. So can’t they. They plan their day around the dog’s wants and needs and placed their computers in Miss Chiwa’s bedroom so she would enjoy being in her own room and not follow them all around the apartment.

The 10-year-old chihuahua, who just celebrated her birthday on June 30, has been famous for about four years.

Her masters insist on the fact that their dog’s celebrity helps them generate money to provide animal food to the shelters.

“We try to do everything we can for the animals,” Sonzogni said. “The more the dog is famous, the more it opens doors.”

For instance, Miss Chiwa recently starred in a video for singer Wendy Nazaré –Galway. The producers asked how much her performance would cost and Guns and Sonzogni said they would be happy with croquettes for the shelters instead of money.

They are also trying to use Miss Chiwa’s notoriety to write something into law. They would like the police to be allowed to remove maltreated animals from their owners.

None of this lifestyle costs the owners extra money, they said. All of what she gets are gifts from fans and brands she models for. And she sure has a big fan club. On Facebook alone, she almost reaches 9,000 fans.

This Mexican dog is famous in Belgium and all the way to Italy where she is one of Charlotte’s Dress‘ models. The couturier specializes in dog outfits that are sold all over the world.

Miss Chiwa - 2Guns, who welcomed Miss Chiwa into his home after his mother passed away, said Miss Chiwa still lives a dog’s life in spite of all the criticism.

Some people seem to think that a dog shouldn’t be the proud owner of hundreds of outfits, wear nail polish and earrings, and eat at the table when it pleases.

Guns is, however, extremely proud of his dog and the life they have built for themselves and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. He said they put a cat’s collar on Miss Chiwa because it has a bell on it. This prevents them from stepping on the one-kilo-100-gram dog.

Recently, Sonzogni came across t-shirts from a well-known clothing brand, which had professional photographs of Miss Chiwa on them. The brand, Soho Fashion Victim, also made cell-phone cases.

(Also visit this page for a photo of Miss Chiwa in her Belgium Independence Day outfit)

10 thoughts on “Miss Chiwa: the new canine mascot

  1. bonjour a vous morgane votre reportage est magnifique beaucoup de personne n ont fais de mp ou de vive voix pour me le dire je vous dit un grand merci vous ete formidable et au plaisir de vous revoir si vous ete dans notre coin j ai la robe d’amerique faite pour miss chiwa et une autre avec son nom et d’autres faite pour elle qui nous vienne de hollande et voila aussi wendy nazar et jean luc couchard en article avec miss chiwa pour le clip galway bisous bisous de nous 3 et que tous a super bien en amerique a bientot sylva miss chiwa josse Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 19:26:12 +0000 To: misschiwaetsylva@hotmail.com

  2. Un grand merci à vous pour ce reportage un très grand hommage pour notre miss chiwa qui nous manque terriblement et un grand merci à ses parents à qui vous faites une immense joie et un immense honneur

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